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Founder’s Message

My journey learning about Autism Spectrum Disorder began in 2008 when I had my first born daughter.  I was filled with excitement and blissful joy during her birth and all seemed well. She experienced speech delay but we still had hopes that she will finally gain her speech.

She joined mainstream school at the age of 3 where the teacher noticed that she had no speech and was unable to engage play with her classmates. Natasha preferred to be alone and she was uninterested to participate with her peers.  I took Natasha to a neurologist for a CT scan but the scan showed that all was normal. The teacher advised that I should take Natasha to an ENT specialist where AABR (Automated Auditory Brainstem Response) was done to test on hearing.

The result revealed that Natasha’s hearing was good and another assessment was done of approximately 30 minutes. Time felt slow and waiting proved more difficult but I was determined to find a solution. When the test was complete the ENT specialist revealed to me that Natasha had autism, as a parent the news broke my heart.

Just like me, most parents experienced grief. It took me some time to decide to focus my energy on some reading and possibly find a way to make my little girl better. I searched for a school to enroll Natasha. I was always hopeful to see improvement but found myself changing schools as there was few genuine specialized schooling for autistic children. I wished that there were more schools to enable me to have and make a choice from an array of special needs school. My choices were limited and affordability of the school was also a factor.

It is because of these reasons l decided to start my own school that offered quality evidence-based learning from specialized and well trained teachers to assist with the vision and desire to not only assist Natasha but other parents who are faced with the challenge of raising an autistic child and are unaware of how to help their children. I am glad that having researched about ABA and the visible changes it has brought to my daughter’s life other parents can experience it too and participate in the milestones of their children.